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This is a summary of the most common emails I get and a few extra bits since I don’t always have time to write back.

Q: Can I leave a link to my blog in your comments?
A: I would prefer not unless they are directly related to the discussion. Please make sure not to leave embedded links in comments. They are marked as spam by blogger or I have the right to remove it. I usually click and read profiles and check out as many blogs as possible when reading genuine comments.

Q: Can I use your photos and/or recipes?
A: For personal blogs yes, but only if you give me credit for both please. Even nicer would be if you let me know. Simply drop a comment in the related post.

Q: Where should I buy cupcakes for [insert occasion here]?
A: Any place on my London Cupcake Tourist Map is a good place to to start looking for cupcakes to buy.

Q: What kind of cupcakes should I bake for [insert occasion here]?
A: Check out the labels or the most popular recipes on the right sidebar of  my blog.

Q: Will I mention your cake related product/business?
A: I write guest posts on other blogs and round ups on my own blog. Follow me on twitter or facebook to keep up to date on what I’m researching/looking for. For any PR queries see here.

Q: What do I use for my photographs?
A: I have a DSLR but that’s it. I use natural light (when I can), a little photoshop and all my little “props” are from Ikea or Target.

Q: Can we get together for cake and tea?
A: Yes and No. No, if we’ve not met before (safety first). Yes, I attend lots of food events and blogger get togethers in London.

Q: How do I get the maps to show up in my posts?
A: Direct from google maps. In the top corner is a link button. Grab the html embed code and paste in.

Q: How did I get my blog to look the way it does?
A: A lot of hard work! Play around with the templates and settings. Mine took nearly 9 months to get the way I like it.