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Lady Gaga Cake Pops

Posted by on Oct 31, 2011 in Cake, Cake Truffles & Pops, Slider | 5 comments

Lady Gaga Cake Pops

I have finally made some decent looking cake pops! I think have some patience with them has finally paid off. Here Cake Lady Gaga is modelling a bubble dress and glittery sun glasses.

The design comes from April’s new book Top of The Cake Pops. You may have read her blog Rhubarb and Rose. I have mentioned her in the past, mostly in frustration when my cake pops kept turning out badly! I also mentioned her wedding cake pops on Cupcakes Take The Cake.

Not owning a book specifically about cake pops this was useful for me. The cake recipe is just enough to make about 20 regular cake pops and some of the tips helped me get that more polished looking finish.
Lady Gaga Cake Pops
Not quite as good as April’s but a good first try! I didn’t have all the materials but I managed to make due with what I had at home. Since I make a lot cake I had most of the ingredients to hand. There were a few items I had never heard us such as gum tragacanth and rejuvenator spirit.

Lady Gaga Cake Pops
The dress is made from pearl sprinkles that I had bought online and mini marshmallows.

Lady Gaga Cake Pops

Decapitated! Sorry Gaga, but I had to get to the cake goodness inside of you!

Lady Gaga Cake Pops

I used an extra long stick dipped it more chocolate than usual.

Lady Gaga Cake Pops

The pop is made from one pop rolled into a mini cocktail sausage shape and another regular sized cake pop. I skewered the body first and then the head. Decorate quickly before the chocolate starts to dry! I only made one Lady Gaga so her skin is pink but April goes in to detail about what colors to mix to achieve the right color skin tone.

Lady Gaga Cake Pops
I used Renshaw sugardough for the hair, sunglasses and lips

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  1. April

    Thanks Kelly! GooGoo is looking very cool in her red mirror mask. So pleased that you like the book! April x
    April recently posted..Top of the Cake Pops makes its Debut!

  2. JavelinWarrior

    These are hilarious – the pearl sprinkles take it over the top and I love the little red lips

  3. filelalaine

    You do not cease to amaze me. Thanks for the laugh!
    filelalaine recently posted..freelancing, whoddathunkit!

  4. bakingaddict

    These are amazing!! I’m just getting the hang of cake pops and made some for halloween but definitely need more practice. I’ll have to look out for this book. I just got baked in america after reading one of your previous posts
    bakingaddict recently posted..Halloween Oreo Cupcakes

  5. rhio

    these are the best cake pops ive ever seen!!!
    rhio recently posted..Quintessential.


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